Opening event 1pm Friday 25th of September at Paavalinkirkko. Please, be on time, as tram leaves promptly at 1pm.


Tram route and timetable here:

Kruks (, a new association for Finnish and Finland-based artists and makers working in the fields of art and technology, has chosen works to be installed on the ‘Festival centre’ tram, which will travel a route throughout Helsinki during the festival weekend (25th to 27th September). Visitors can hop on or off the tram freely and the tram will also serve as a info and meeting point for festival-goers.


RE/F/r.ACE is a participatory video system installed on the tram. Colourful real-time computer processed video images are created from selfies sent in by passengers to create unique animations representing the diversity of human life in the city. By presenting traces of individual’s faces in the urban environment, we challenge the hierarchical power structures inherent in contemporary society. Who does the city belong to? Who has the right to appear in public space and be visible? RE/F/r.ACE is created by Merja Puustinen, Victor Khashchanskiy & Andy Best. Take part at


INNER VOICES.Trams make noise, a kling-klang, a tremor when they approach. You can hear a sweeping tone when they start moving, as an animal waking up. Trams belong to the imagery of the industrial revolution, one of the instruments of a futurist orchestra.

Inner Voices is a sound installation and structure for performance created by inserting little kinetic elements inside the tram. Although minimal as agents, the motors move according to their own agenda but also respond to the sound created by the vibration of the tram. The result is a diffused and articulated choreography of small mechanical movements creating a rich soundscape. Vibrations of the tram’s body are picked by contact microphones and transformed into a soundscape for machines. Roberto Pugliese (IT/FI, b. 1980) is a sound and media artist and researcher based in Helsinki.

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