Kruks is an association for Finnish and Finland-based artists, researchers and makers working across the intersection of art and technology. We are collaborating with the 2015 Pixelache festival and organising an open call for artists from all fields to propose a work for the Pixelache festival tram.

The tram is a standard HKL tram which will travel in a yet-undetermined route throughout Helsinki and specified times during the festival (25-27 September). The tram will serve as a “festival centre”, as this year’s festival is celebrating a decentralised methodology and thus a fluid, unpredictable centre will be appropriate.


The main theme of Pixelache 2015 is Living Spaces – How can we animate and activate the spaces of our lives, both public and private, interior and exterior? The festival will be a largely participation-based festival that will employ a variety of different experiences around many Helsinki spaces, some familiar and others not.

We are looking for proposals of artworks that could be feasibly executed in the tram. The media can be of any sort: sound art, digital art, interactive art etc.  There is small production fee available for the project, but no travel fee from abroad. The HKL tram is in service and, therefore, some regulations are in order.

The tram is also intended to serve as the during-the-day social centre of the festival. Thus, we cannot accept proposals that will take up 100% of the available space in the tram. Your proposal must share space with festival participants who will be hopping on and off throughout.

We are not yet certain about the restrictions on power/electricity, duration or sound. Proposals will be thus require some degree of flexibility based upon the reality of what will actually be possible. Chainsaws sticking out of the tram may not be the best idea, but at this stage do let your imagination fly.


Please send us your work proposal and a short bio (max. two pages), 3-5 photos of sketches, artworks and CV to info@kruks.fi.

Send all the information on pdf-format. Relevant video material max. 2 online (vimeo, youtube etc.) links. For questions please contact: info@kruks.fi

Deadline: 30th of April 2015.